Thoughts on Type 
Typography, Layout, Imagery
In collaboration with the People's Typography Project, this poster series aims to illustrate three non-designers thoughts and opinions on various typography samples. The posters represent both an insight into the individual, including interests and demographic, as well as direct quotes about the given typography samples.
The Challenge
For this project, I conducted interviews with three non-designers about their thoughts on typography. I then was challenged to design a poster for each non-designer communicating their thoughts and opinions around typography from these interviews.
The Solution
I noticed the most common thread between the interviews I conducted was how little non-designers seemed to think about typography. Their answers were often all over the place and opinions changed as we continued our discussion. I wanted to showcase the scattered nature of their thoughts through the layout of the posters as well as the contrasting typographical elements. The final posters showcase not only the thoughts and opinions of the interviewees but also their interests and general demographic.   
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