Spread Some Cheerios 
Branding, Typography, Social Media
This campaign was created as a part of the annual Day of Giving, used to raise funds for the Portland State School of Art + Design Hardship fund. The #SpreadSomeCheerios challenge was created to help raise awareness about the Hardship Fund which included members of the community sharing social media assets and participating in the #SpreadSomeCheerios challenge. All funds raised from this campaign go directly to Art + Design students in need of financial support.
The Challenge
This fundraising project required me to create an engaging social media campaign that went outside the norm for fundraising campaigns. The project also had to maintain an all-ages theme with a focus on an older audience. Along with this, this year the campaign had to be conducted completely remotely, meaning the challenge portion of the campaign had to be possible only from participant’s homes, unlike past years.
The Solution
I started this project by focusing on the challenge for the campaign; logistically, it was the most difficult element and molding the campaign around the challenge would be the most effective route. I landed on the idea of eating a bowl of cereal; it was simple and straightforward while being something almost anyone could recreate in their homes. The illustration style of the campaign was inspired by vintage cereal boxes. I recreated the texture and printing technique used on these boxes and also utilized a similar primary color palette. This aesthetic spoke
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