Viscous Times
Editorial Design, Typography

This catalog was created in collaboration with Sam Will for the 2021 Portland State BFA/MFA programs. The art direction behind this edition of the catalog was inspired by the difficulty of being an artist during a pandemic and the ups and downs many artists have faced. This is shown through the tension of the circle motifs on the cover and the title page, the typography, textures used throughout the catalog.
This is then paired with minimalist artist spreads to allow the work to further this narrative on its own. 
The Challenge
The catalog had to maintain some formality to the previous volume while also uniquely representing the class of 2021. The spreads had to to be simplified enough to primarily showcase the students’ work while also exhibiting a strong, sophisticated visual language. All work also had to be approved by the client, the director of the 2021 BFA/MFA exhibition.
The Solution
The theme for this catalog was built around the idea of touch. During the pandemic, lack of human connection and touch has been an underlying struggle for many people. We wanted this catalog to showcase some of that missing touch and connection. A gritty paper texture was used across the catalog paired with a glowing color palette. The circle motifs used on the cover and title pages related back to the idea of connection and as well as creating movement. For the physical copy, we decided on a softtouch cover as well as a toothed paper for the interior. 
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