Beacon Quarterly
Editorial Design, Typography
Beacon Quarterly is a multimedia platform and printed magazine with a focus in music, fashion, art & design. I worked as a design intern for Beacon for a year where I was the Leader for Issue No. 14 Free Loader; a 90 paged magazine exploring the intersections of art, culture, and money. The following images are pages from this issue of Beacon.
The Challenge
At Beacon, I was challenged to design spreads for both visual and written pieces that complimented the work while staying inside the Beacon branding. All spreads also had to be approved by the Editor in Chief of the magazine, so my focus also had to be on designing work that catered to their wants and taste. 
The Solution
This resulted in a slew of iterations and lots of back and forth between the team and I. I approached each piece from the ground up; starting with what the piece needed and then molding it into the vision of Beacon. There was a constant back and forth between myself and Beacon’s Editor in Chief resulting in many, many rounds of iterations and lots of moodboarding. The final product resulted in a 90 page publication showcasing written and visual art pieces through the lens of the Beacon brand.
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